Asif Ali Zardari – Fortunate President of a Unfortunate Nation !!!

Contributed by : Mr.Jim Alley- NSM – Motorola.

National Sales Manager at Motorola Mobile Devices

An American National Mr. Alley, who now calls Pakistan his second HOME. He is a professional working for Motorola and frequently visits Pakistan now. He is actively participating in the rehabilitation of recent Floods in Pakistan. He shared his experience of before and after visiting Pakistan with us and wanted me to get this published anywhere. So I assured him that I will share this with my associates and will publish it online on some blog or site.


My name is Jim Alley, few months back I was watching a TV at my home and I saw this news on my TV. Angelina Jolie on CNN declaring Pakistani Top Officials particularly ” President – Mr.Asif Ali Zardari & Prime Minister – Yousuf Raza Gillani as highly irresponsible towards the solution of their nation’s issues .

UN's Goodwill Ambassador - Angelina Jolie talking to Press about her recent visit to Flood Affected Areas in Pakistan

I saw Miss. Jolie saying , ” Instead of solving their nation’s problem they were more interested in having good food and wine with me while their nation was starving of hunger , they were more interested in having a photographs with me along with their families but when I visited the flood affected areas & people wanted to meet , talk and tell me their problems, so they didn’t even allow them to come closer to me“.

UN's Good Will Ambassador meeting Pakistani Government Officials

This news touched my heart and I decided to find out why she said so against some Country’s Top Officials , if she was right then why a Country’s Leadership is so negligent and if she was wrong then why there was no official statement issued by Pakistani Government Officials to encounter such allegations that were put on them by UN’s Ambassador Angelina Jolie. I jumped on to my PC and logged on to the internet and browsed and typed their President Asif Ali Zardari’s name as my key word and below is the image of the details or links referred to me.

After watching and reading all this I decided to go on vacations to Pakistan, so I filed a visa & luckily I got the visa Thanks to the Ambassador here in US, Mr.Haqqani, who looks more of a American then that of a Pakistani, he without investigating much about me helped me file my visa to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan's Ambassador to U.S - Mr.Hussain Haqqani

At this point I built this impression about Pakistan that this is highly irresponsible nation because I have a lot of good Pakistani Friends living back in United States, who share with me their stories that how difficult it was for them being a Pakistani Citizen to get a US visa.  Here i personally saw Pakistani Ambassador to U.S Mr.Haqqani doing all that for me. Either he was too excited to send me to Pakistani or he was in love with his job. God knows better !

At this time I recalled Angelina Jolie’s words that Pakistan’s Top Officials are too irresponsible towards their nation, as getting a Pakistani Visa for me was as easy as buying a meat from the Meat Shop.

My Journey to Pakistan:

My flight to Pakistan , I am at the Little Rock International Airport , United States and thinking and planning that how am I going to spend my time in Pakistan, a country where i have never traveled before in my whole life.

10:30 A.M PST :

I am standing at Benazir Bhutto International Airport (formerly known as Islamabad International Airport), custom area waiting for my luggage to come so I get out of the Airport and head towards my destination. When I came out of the Airport Lounge , I saw the faces of the people at the Airport , who were actually standing there to receive their loved ones and I was a stranger to them.

Security Officials at Benazir Bhutto International Airport , Islamabad.

Some people came forward and asked if I was seeking their assistance or not. I refused most of them as a general impression that I had in my mind for Pakistanis was as portrayed by the Western Media (as a Terrorists or Talibans).  I asked one of them to help me get a room at some good Hotel in Islamabad. Then a gentleman who was wearing White Shalwar Kameez (Pakistani National Dress) , and introduced himself gently,” Sir ! My name is Allah Baksh and my duty is to take you to some Hotel for your stay, said Allah Baksh “. I was pretty impressed by his politeness , hospitality and sat in his CAB.

11:10 A.M PST:

Allah Baksh, manages to drop me at some local Hotel in Islamabad. I gave him the rent for his CAB along with a tip of Rs.1000/-. Allah Baksh says , ” Sir ! You must  be mistaken as Rs.1000/- are too much as a tip and he returned them back to me , I insisted him to keep them as a ” Token of Appreciation “. I saw a shine in his eyes , he said ” Thank You Sir “, which gave me a feeling that I have done something right by appreciating a right guy at a right time.

11:20 A.M PST:

I entered the Hotel lobby and asked them for a room and after sometime I got the room , where I see the staff treating me well and paying me respect. Here I built this impression that this is an amazing nation with rich culture of Hospitality.  Later, I ordered some food and took rest for whole day and night, so from next day and onwards I can go on with the mission for what I was there.

Next Day:

Early morning after having my breakfast , I moved towards the so-called RED ZONE of Islamabad, Pakistan , I went to some Government of Pakistan’s Office ( can’t disclose that Ministry’s Name due to security reasons ). I saw people standing in the queue and waiting for their turn, meanwhile an Official on duty at that  Office ( Zahoor Haider ) saw me standing there and offered me that he can take me to the office from the backside. He said  that you will not have to wait for much longer to stand in the queue and wait for your turn , I felt bad , him treating me so special and so I wanted to ask him what about the other people who were standing there before I came there , isn’t that unfair to them.  Finally, I made myself speak and I asked him (Zahoor Haider) if he could accomodate all those people who were standing outside there in queue or he was only generous to me because I was a only Foreigner standing there. I felt sorry when he replied me by saying,” Sir ! Let them be there as they are meant to wait for us to call them inside for their work but you better come in so I get your work done early and you do not have to wait for your turn”. I Thanked the gentleman (Zahoor Haider) and returned back to the queue where I was standing.

Later, when it was my turn , I saw the same guy ( Zahoor Haider) standing there and saying to his colleague in Urdu ( Pakistani National Language ) , ” Don’t process his application so soon as he refused to take my generous offer of getting his job done early before the time ” ( I was being told all this by a person Ghulam Ali who was standing there next to me in the queue and he interpreted all this to me). For sometime , this thing came to my mind that what kind of a Nation this is, on one hand we have people like Allah Baksh (CAB Driver) who have a Self Respect , Hospitality , Dignity , Honesty and on other hand they have people like Zahoor Haider who are Corrupt , Crook , Dishonest & have  No Pain for others.

After getting to know Mr.Zahoor Haider’s conversation with his colleague at the counter , and by getting to know his game plan it became very easy for me to respond him in same dirty manner. I pushed the other guy at the counter to process my application at his earliest or I threatened him , that I will report this matter to my U.S. Embassy in Islamabad which was few minutes away from that office , after hearing this he processed my application same day and provided me with a receipt of acknowledgement. Before I left that office I asked someone why that Government Official Mr.Zahoor Haider was behaving like this , so he replied ” What else do you expect from the Nation whose President is none other than most corrupt person of Pakistan  “Mr.Asif Ali Zardari The Thief “, he added. I was surprised for a moment and started thinking ” How bad is this guy Asif Ali Zardari must be ? that a Nation hates him so much and still he is holding the Highest Rank Office in the Country. Later, from there I returned to my Hotel Room and after taking meal , took some nap.

08:00 P.M PST:

I was having my dinner and I tuned Television in my Room and started watching news. I saw this news popping up ” 15 Kids died of hunger in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwaan ( A Pashtoon Population’s Province in Pakistan ) at some local news channel,  I saw people abusing their Local Government of ANP & President Asif Ali Zardari for being so irresponsible and negligent towards their problems and being so lazy in starting the rehabilitation process. I decided that moment that I will go on streets tomorrow and will try to dig out why people have this steady approach towards their President.

Why search for the TRUTH?

President of Pakistan - Asif Ali Zardari

Next day I went on the streets of Islamabad and started inquiring random people, that who this Mr.Asif Ali Zardari was, different people gave him different titles resembling him to wild animal and used pet names for him and some of them were very interesting like this old man who I met on road and throwed this question, he was  at 70 years old man. I asked him that who this Mr.Asif Ali Zardari was, from this very next moment onwards I couldn’t stop myself from laughing too much as the guy said ” He needs no introduction. He is transforming from a National Hero to into a National Animal now.  Later, he said that this is a much taken name these days in Pakistan. A nation that actually voted to PPP in the name of their earlier assassinated leaders Founder of the Party Zulfikar ali Bhutto and then Benazir Bhutto, and now the nation is paying off the price for voting PPP. ” Later, I assumed that a common person considers Asif Ali Zardari as the sole responsible authority for this current state of Pakistan.

My Exclusive interview with a Bahria University Islamabad’s Associate Professor of ” Leadership ” , helped me recall this fact again that to become a leader, you need to have a vision. It can be Positive Vision or a Negative Vision either ways. He added , ” Asif Ali Zardari does have a vision and that is to loot the poor nation and then go to jail in the name of sacrifice for the Democracy in Pakistan and then return back to the Politics in the name of his Father-in-Law Late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

However , I wanted to remain neutral and does not wanted to make an assumption so soon against Mr.Asif Ali Zardari. So, again I went on streets to get a opinion about Mr. Zardari and I heard people literally abusing Asif Ali Zardari for being a curse on the Nation. This was not all , I was finding a way to get someone who can tell me logically why people in Pakistan hates Asif Ali Zardari so much, as for a moment I thought that people were sharing their personal opinion which could have been biased. So I decided to go and meet some PPP’s Party Worker.  He told me the tale of how Pakistan’s Mr.10% upgraded himself to Mr.100%. Then I made up my mind that this person Mr.Asif Ali Zardari does not have any standing in his public and voters bank.

Personal Experience:

My experience with Pakistani Nation is that they are a major victims of Bad Governance , Government’s Humiliation, Corruption, Negligence & Incompetence. I would like to give this message to the ruling elite of Pakistan that Democracy is;

” Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme the power is vested in the people and exercised directly by  directly them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

So please follow the true essence of Democracy in the County , in the name of what you come to the power corridors and if this is what you call democracy that ” One Person holding the highest ranking and without caring to what Nation thinks continue to rule, so that is Demo-tratory ( mix blend of Democracy and Dictatorship ) “. You are brought to the power corridor by the same people , who you will be needing again in future whenever there will next elections in Pakistan and if you will not respect them , pay them back what they expect from you. So do not forget there will be an election soon and you will have to hear their ” BIG NO ” then !

Courtest: GEO Television Network


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